Tools to keep your Bathtub Clean

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Home Solutions

If you have great tools on your hand, they can make cleaning easier and also faster. The following are some of the cleaning tools you should have:


This tool is mostly used to get rid of excess moisture on the bathtub after every use.  It works very effectively as it cuts down moisture, soap scum as well as mildew that can be very hard to remove. You can use it to clean the windows of your bathroom as well as the mirrors.

Disinfectant cleaner and sponge

You can store this cleaner wipes in your bathroom so that you can use when you want to get rid of stains easily and quickly. You can also have a sponge and disinfectant spray with you.

Multi surface cleaner

This cleaner will make your bathtub look cleaner and sparkler as well. Apart from cleaning the bathtub, you can use it to clean faucet, glass doors, mirrors as well as ceramic. However, this is not a substitute for surfaces that have been disinfected. The function of multi surface cleaner is to make the whole bathroom look great. Depending on what your bathtub looks like, if it is a corner tub shower or a regular tub, you need to be ready to clean many surfaces.

Rubber gloves

It is important to use gloves when cleaning your bathtub so that you protect yourself from germs. Ensure that you only buy high quality Glovers. Also, make sure that you rinse them as soon as you are done using them.

Scrub brush

Use the scrub brush to clean your tub and also the shower. For your tub to work well the first thing you need to do is to apply the cleaner and then you leave it in the tub for thirty minutes before you scrub it. Make sure you also read the instructions about cleaning your tub before using the scrub brush.

This is because there are certain types of tubs that can easily scratch if you scrub them.

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Points Related To How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Health and Fitness, Lifestyle

Acne ScarsMany people are having problems with their acne and the scars that appear in their faces. This is actually a very common thing especially with teens. This is brought about by hormonal changes but can also be attributed to poor personal hygiene. The presence of dirt and pollutants can greatly increase the chances of irritating the pimples and whiteheads in your face.Acne Scars

Whiteheads are caused by a bulged hair follicle while darken plugs will turn into what is commonly known as blackheads. An infected or inflamed blocked hair follicle manifests itself as a much dreaded pimple. Cysts are also another common skin problem. They happen when the hair follicles are deeply inflamed, and they result in bumps that are under the skin. Contrary to popular belief, the pores of the skin are usually impervious to the damage and effects of acne.Acne Scars

There are simple ways to lessen the outbreak and eliminate the scars in your face. Using tomato as facial mask can do the trick in a short period of time. The Vitamin A in tomatoes helps prevent the overproduction of sebum that causes acne. This fruit also has antioxidant properties that help heal damaged and scarred skin. Placing slices onto face will gradually decrease the scars and will leave your skin blemish free in no time.

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A Guide To How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Health and Fitness, Lifestyle

Acne ScarsPersonal hygiene is a very huge contributor to acne problems. It is uncommon to hear people who are not particular in washing their faces but there are certain individuals who are not which allows pollutants and dirt to sink in to their open pores. This is one of the causes of acne outbreak. It is when the hair follicles are blocked by oil or dead skill cells that acne begins to develop.

Every hair follicle is linked to a sebaceous gland. This gland produces what is known as sebum and the main function of this substance is to lubricate the hair and skin. This substance is passed along from one hair shaft to another, and it travels through the hair follicle to reach the epidermis.

Acne ScarsAn excessive amount of sebum or an increase in dead skin cells can cause blockage to the hair follicles, and the result is the creation of a soft plug. Once this incident continues, it will surely create acne scars in your face. Without spending so much, you can eliminate these unwanted scars by using simple ingredients found in your kitchen.

You can create tomato and cucumber mask. It lightens the skin reducing the visibility of pimple marks and leaves it smooth and soft. Create a paste out of cucumber and tomato and apply the paste evenly over your face.

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